Ferrari 296 GT3: The New GT Race Car

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Ferrari 296 GT3
CC: Ferrari

The Italian sports car maker, Ferrari, unveiled a 296 GT3 race car. This sports car will debut in Daytona 24 hours in the 2023 season. Ferrari has released the full look for their new GT3 contender. This unveiling event took place just ahead of the 24 hours of Spa, which will be happening this weekend. The new Ferrari looks more aggressive and powerful from the released photos. GT3 racer is based on current production 296 GTB. These both supercars share the same engine, and it has a lot of similarities in looks as well. The new race car will come without an electric motor to meet the technical regulations.

Ferrari has offered great power and performance in the 296 GT3. It will focus on the track speed, stability, and accessibility to modification between the races. Read the full article to know more about the Ferrari 296 GT3.

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Power Offered In Ferrari 296 GT3 Race Car

This new Ferrari will launch without the hybrid powertrain. Therefore, GT3 will be less powerful than the on-road production model. Ferrari dropped the hybrid powertrain because of the technical regulations of the GT championship. It gets the same engine as the 296 GTB. Ferrari 296 GT3 is equipped with a 24-valve V-6 engine. This engine produces 600 horsepower and 525 pound-feet of torque. There is a downgrade in power as well. The combination of hybrid powertrain used to offer 819 horsepower. To enhance the performance of the GT3, Ferraro has positioned the engine further forward and lower to give a better driving experience and mobility. It has helped to lower the center of gravity.

Unlike the foot clutch, the new GT3 comes with a sequential six-speed gearbox controlled with a steering wheel clutch. This downgrade from a smooth eight-speed dual-clutch to unique six-speed transmission is done to meet the technical regulations of the GT championship. This new Ferrari has better handling and grip to maximize the drivers’ control.

296 GT3
CC: Ferrari

How Is The 296 GT3 Different From The GTB?

The 2023 GT3 will come with a downgrade engine without the hybrid powertrain, but it will be much more aggressive in looks. The GT3 will give more race car feels than the GTB. This new GT3 race car will be equipped with a larger wheelbase. It will increase from 102.4 inches to 104.7 inches. Also, it will be using a new aluminum frame.

CC: Ferrari

Due to technical regulations, GT3 will come with less power, as we mentioned above. Although, it will have almost the same performance level. It is said that this race car will be much stronger than the road-going 296 GTB. Ferrari has focused more on the accessibility of changing parts during the race. They have focused on increasing the speed of the track operations. Due to more elastic components, it will be easier to change or modify the parts of the new 296. The front and rear axles are built so that it is easier to replace them in minimum time during the race.

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These were the specifications of the upcoming Ferrari 296 GT3. It will launch next year in the Daytona Le Mans. This car is designed with the regulations of the GT championship in mind.


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