Everything We Know About The Meyers Manx Electric Buggy

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Meyers Manx
CC: Meyers Manx

Not only cars, trucks, motorbikes, or scooters are getting electrified. Have a look at this all-new buggy. 2024 Meyers Manx 2.0 is the all-electric buggy. The original buggy is out as a redesigned version to be an electric vehicle. Earlier, Volkswagen was coming up with an electric buggy, but later on, they refused to build this fun ride. Now, we have Meyers Manx trying to step up the buggy game. This vehicle is designed to give you adventure on the off roads, on beaches, and even on the streets. It will be a fun ride to drive on with cleaner technology. The company claims that this buggy can carry a range of 300 miles. However, this range is not offered in many electric cars these days. Meyers Max impresses us with all the specifications of the second-gen buggy.
This article will dig more about the 2024 Meyers Manx 2.0, the electric buggy.

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About Meyers Manx

Meyers Manx is an American automotive company founded by Bruce Meyers in the 1960s. Bruce Meyers is an engineer, surfer, boat maker, and artist. This American-based company produced 6000 units of the Dune Buggy. The production of this buggy took place from 1964 to 1971. Now, after more than fifty years, Meyers Manx is introducing the second generation of its iconic buggy. Initially, it was designed for desert races. Gradually, it was released in the changed orientation to fulfill street style. Subsequently, Meyers Max was shut down due to tax problems.

In 2000, Bruce Meyers founded Meyers Manx Inc. This company was a redesign of the old company. Bruce introduced the Classic Manx (Dune Buggy) as a limited edition model. Therefore, only 100 models of this vehicle were available on the market. In 2020, Bruce Meyers sold his company to Trousdale Ventures.

Details Of The Meyers Manx Electric Buggy

All-new Meyers Max 2.0 is the redesigned electric version of the Classic Manx. It is more fun and funky with the new generation features. The electric buggy comes with an aluminum-covered body. Meyers Manx has not yet revealed all the details about the 2.0 Manx. It has been announced that this new generation buggy will get a battery pack with a choice between two. The two battery packs offered in the electric buggy are 20kWh and 40kWh. These battery packs bring along a decent range. The smaller battery pack offers a range of 150 miles, while the larger one brings along a range of 300 miles.

Meyers Manx Electric Buggy
CC: Meyers Manx

It is not only a performance vehicle but also a short buggy. The company claims the electric buggy will accelerate from zero to sixty mph in 4.5 seconds. However, this figure is derived by testing the smaller battery pack. Although, the bigger battery pack is not yet tested. And it will be quicker than the smaller one.

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Launch And The Details About The Price

What will be the price of the electric buggy is still a question. Meyers Manx has not yet revealed the pricing details. It will not be a cheap toy. It will get a good price tag as it is the cleaner and more sustainable version. The company has not even been informed about the release dates, but it is said that the electric buggy will be available in the market in 2024. To read more such articles, visit DaxStreet.


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