Rodin FZero: Real-Life Batmobile

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Rodin FZero
CC: Rodin

As a kid, you must have dreamed of driving the Batmobile. Well, the freaky-looking supercar was fictional and available only for the movie. You may wonder why we are talking about the Batmobile. Let us tell you that New Zealand-based Rodin motors have revealed their new concept car, F-Zero. What is special about the F-Zero, and how is it related to Batmobile? Now the curiosity is building up, right? Okay, so this new hypercar will bring along the looks of Batmobile. So basically, now you can have your own Batmobile. Rodin has just released the track version, but they also plan for the road-production F-Zero. Whether you have found your Robin, you can own the Batmobile and sprint through the roads once the road version FZero is out. Experience this supercar on the tracks and wait a bit for the road production car. Also, Rodin is all set to produce the fastest production track car ever. The F-Zero may get a top speed of 224mph.
Get ready to flaunt your supercar. Learn more about the real-life Batmobile in this article.

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What Is Special About The Rodin F-Zero?

Undoubtedly, the FZero brings a lot of unique characteristics. First, as mentioned above, the look will be a Batmobile-inspired supercar. From the nose to the rear, we can say the touches of the Batmobile. The second is the power on offer. It comes with competing specifications to give a tough fight to the rivals. For now, let’s talk about the exterior. F-Zero will be a huge hypercar that will get a black color shade with polished gold wheels. The chassis gets a carbon fiber treatment. Regarding aerodynamics, Rodin will provide an extreme wind-cutting dynamic body to enhance the hypercar’s performance.

CC: Rodin

Power On Offer For The Track Version F-Zero

Rodin is preparing to push out all the competition, and it will carry a powerful engine with an electric motor. F-Zero will get a beast-like twin-turbo V10 engine, producing an enormous 1,160 horsepower. It will be the fastest track car, touching the top speed of 224 mph. It will have a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V10 engine, creating a massive 984 horsepower at 9,000 rpm. Also, it will generate 910 Nm of torque at 7,250 rpm. This engine is paired with an eight-speed Ricardo gearbox. F-Zero will also get an option of a Twin-Turbo engine with an electric motor to boast 1,160 horsepower and 1,026 Nm of torque. This hybrid variant will be available only in 27 units.

FZero engine
CC: Rodin

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The New Zealand-based automaker will launch this beast for $2.2 million. With this price tag, F-Zero can be the best track car ever. After the successful launch of the Batmobile-inspired F-Zero, Rodin will also release this car in the road-legal specifications. This was all about the upcoming Rodin F-Zero. If you want to have your own Batmobile, keep visiting DaxStreet as we will update you with the latest news about this car.


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