Jeep Jeepster Will Hit Roads Soon

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Electric Jeep Jeepster
CC: Jeep

The American automaker Jeep is yet to debut in the electric vehicle market. Where every other automobile brand is placing their EVs, Jeep is still waiting for the correct time. Although Jeep was spied testing a new car, we are sure it will be an electric vehicle. Also, the testing of the new vehicle signifies that Jeep Jeepster will be out in the market very soon. Therefore, it is expected that Jeepster will launch in 2023 for the global automotive market. Jeep will position the electric car below the Renegade. Though, it looks like a combination of the Renegade and the Compass.

Stellantis, the parent company of Jeep and various other automakers, is looking forward to introducing 100 new vehicles powered by electric motors. This new Jeep will be a part of the new electric fleet. Read more about the electric Jeep in this article.

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What Power Will The Jeep Jeepster Posses?

The first electric car of Jeep will be built on the small electric car platform of Stellantis. This is the same platform on which Citroen w-C4 is built. Jeepster will get all electric and mild hybrid options. These two optional driver setups will get FWD as the standard drive. The electric variant can get an electronic all-wheel drive as an optional upgrade. The electronic all-wheel drive is a cheaper version of the all-wheel drive system. This version saves costs for the automakers, therefore reducing the cost. Although, the electronic all-wheel drive will not be directly connected to the front and rear wheels.

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What Do We Know About The Design And Features?

The American automotive company has not yet revealed anything about its first electric vehicle. Although, it was seen being tested with the camouflaged wrap. The basic body structure seems very recognizable. It carries overlooks from Renegade and Compass. The concept version shows that the electric Jeep will get a muscular body with dual tone shade. The front end will get a badging of “E” for the electric variant. Aggressive-looking daytime running lights accompany the horizontal headlamps with the iconic Jeep 7-slat grille in the middle. Sporty alloy wheels will have muscular arches.

Jeep Jeepster
CC: Jeep

About The Jeep

Jeep is an American automotive company that was founded in 1943. The current owner of Jeep is Stellantis. This American-based parent company took over Jeep in 2021 by the Fiat Chrysler automobiles. Jeep had multiple owners throughout its life till now. Jeep started with making jeeps for World War II and also served as a post-war vehicle. Now, Jeep serves one of the best SUVs in the market. The next launch of the electric Jeep will help this American automaker to put its foot in the electric segment.

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This was all about the electric Jeep Jeepster. It is expected that this new EV will release somewhere around 2023. Though no details about the price are out yet, it is believed that Jeepster will come with a starting price of $35,000 to $40,000. For more such reviews, new launches, and automotive news, keep following DaxStreet.


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