By anushikha saxena

What Is the Real Problem With New Cars?

The parts and components of a car require regular maintenance and inspection in order to keep them running smoothly

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It will eventually happen that these components wear out and will require repair over the course of years and miles of use.

This problem can occur in brand new cars as well, buyers have started facing the problems in the second year of purchase only

An average of 116 problems were found per 100 vehicles in the initial quality survey, the number was 113 last year

What are the most common problems


One of the most common issues is Oil consumption and Injection valve gunk buildup


A high percentage of owners face electronic problems like improper working of driver assistance and other features in their vehicle

Unwanted noise coming and engine trouble is also a very common problem faced by the buyers of new cars

- vice president of U.S. automotive quality at J.D. Power


The biggest complaint among buyers is that tech features don't always work as anticipated