January 21, 2021

2021 Ferrari F8 Tributo: Pure Luxury Speed With The Classic Italian Aesthetics

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The F8 Tributo is the new Ferrari that nails every aspect of an excellent supercar. It has the best V8 engine of the last 20 years, which works with the best performance and gives an amazing driving experience. The Tributo makes you feel special and make it worth paying a huge amount. The mid-engine sports car is the best in the market for this price tag, which is obviously not less, but a sports car has to be expensive to give the best version of a car.

It has a V8 twin-turbo engine, which gives it staggering speed, and it pushes to the limits. The maximum power that it can produce is 720 CV, and this power can completely be utilized by the perfect aerodynamics of the car, which is well worked in this case. It can go 0-60 in 2.9 seconds only. The pedals are responsive as it throws the car by cutting the air.

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Notable Design Features

The exterior is beautiful as the Ferrari cars always present them. In the front, the light is reworked above the air vents, which gives a great look. The bumper gives it an aggressive and angry personality. There are alloy rims of 20 inches that provide a good grip of the car. In the middle of the bonnet, an air hole is present, which adds up to make it more aerodynamic. The air flows down from the bump and goes up from this bumper hole towards the windscreen, which is a smooth flow. The back has a unique look to it, having backlights and some carbon fiber under it. There are various places where carbon fiber is used to help reduce the overall weight.

The interior is as much amazing as the exterior. There are no flaws, and nothing is overworked. The overall balance for everything is maintained. The first thing that you see in the interior is the steering wheel, which makes you feel that you are in a jet. Various options are available on it to make it easy to interact with the car while driving. It has the infotainment screen with everything you desire. Everything is perfect and gives full luxury. The seats are sports chairs which make it comfortable to drive for long.


The driving experience of the Ferrari F8 Tributo is what this car special for. Every mile you cover, you can feel the thrill which it provides. There are various modes to match your mode and traveling circumstances. In Race mode, the engine’s performance is maximized, and the car pushes itself by cutting the air; it flies. And if you are in the city or feeling to relax and enjoy the ride, there is the mode of comfort, making the suspension and steering more smoother. Tributo is a “one of a kind” car and worth experiencing. Every bit of it attracts you towards itself. The design, interior, and all the work done for it to make this car special can be visually seen and physically tested.

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